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What is Elenchus?

Elenchus is a unified platform for collaborative learning.


Students are always struggling to keep up with the teachers notes as they explain key concepts in class. When at home students usually struggle with solving these problems as they have not fully understood this concept. To solve this issue Elenchus offers a whiteboard which multiple students can edit at a time to solve the problem. This lets students collaborate and solve problems together without the issue of plagurism.

Chat Room

A key feature students need to succeed is to be able to communicate with everyone from their class on a discussion platform. Elenchus offers this with chat rooms to let all students communicate with one another. The chat rooms consist of all the students who are in the class and they can ask question and have text streaks for replies.

Snapchat Integration

Using Snapchat's Snap Kit, Elenchus allows teenagers to seamlessly experience class collaboration. Specifically, Elenchus uses Snap Kit's Login Kit and Bitmoji Kit. This allows users to sign in to Elenchus with their Snapcat account, as well as use their Bitmojis when communicating with others on Elenchus.


The last key feature of Elenchus is the Calendar. This helps all the students using the software keep track of when their assignments are due. This helps them becaue they can be on top of all of their assignments and never be late to turning in any of their assignments.

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